This is a very special figure, first of all because it is for a very special friend, second because I am very proud of her, I love the final result and I have achieved it relatively quickly and with little help, and finally because I think that with This figure I have made "the change".

I think I have finally managed to change my way of painting, from how I started painting many years ago to how I really want to paint. And that is thanks to the great masters who have guided me in recent times: Arnau Lázaro and Alejandro Prieto from PDM giving me the base, foundations and tools more and more advanced each time to be able to get where I want, Alfonso Giraldes "Banshee" and the patreon of MiniatureArtAcademy for making me change the conception and use I had of color, helping me to overcome my fear of mixing, forgetting about the pots of premixed paint and laying the foundations of my sculpture principles (don't even think of closing the patreon sculpture tier), to Antonio Peña for giving me a lot of tools and concepts to continue growing and unifying everything. And again to Alejandro Prieto, thanks for your help in the last months to give me the final push .. and make the final corrections of this figure ;).

And my special thanks to DCC for "biting me" with the triple lighting.