The Primogenitor calls!
A lone wanderer, lost somewhere deep in the Primogenitor at the mercy of whispering shadows.

Why had he come to this place?
How long had it been?
Where was he going?
What were those voices? Whispering... They... they came to him again! Must... must find out! What did they want? Why did they keep tormenting him so?! If they could only just show him what they talked about. Please! Oh the agony!... Maybe it’s this way. Yes. Yes! The whispers become clearer down this path! Whispering. Yes. Oh the voices. Yes. Further...
My contribution to the @ironsleet invitational, The Primogenitor is finally done!
I call him the Lost Wanderer. I see him being driven mad deep within the massive hulk. I built this last summer wanting to build a traveler riding a mechanical strider reminiscent of the silt striders in Morrowind but in sci-fi. Painting this was a bit stressed. But I feel like I achieved my vision.