Maybe add a little allegory... :)
Four elements... The First Is Air. In my case - miss Airiness.

  • girlpainter57

    brill , cant wait to see the others

    • Vladimir Sychev

      Thanks. I can’t wait to see them either. :);)

  • Evgeny Rimul

    ух ты, отличная фигура! Золото!

    • Vladimir Sychev

      Спасибо, Женя. Стараюсь. ;)

  • Thorbjorn Barone

    Very nice, i like it!

  • Jakob VPLUS

    Fantastic! But am I looking at a cast, a print or a render? Will it be released?

    • Vladimir Sychev

      Thank you for your kind words. It’s still a render. Figure will be released, but later.

  • Wade

    Gimmie! I want!
    Very interesting work :)

  • Ivan Hortal A.PLUS


  • Alex ✍

    Wow ❤️ Who will release this?

    • Vladimir Sychev

      Thanks. He will announce it himself. ;)

  • Natalia Oracz

    Very beautiful sculpture :) I really like her pose, face and the flowy clothes.
    Also: chapeau bas for you as a brave sculptor - you’re definetly not afraid of anything, especially fart jokes :P

    • Vladimir Sychev

      Thank You very much for appreciation of my humble work. God knows I tried. :);)

  • Roy Jones

    Красотища!!! Образ, складки, анатомия - все на высшем уровне!

    • Vladimir Sychev

      Спасибо, Музафер. Стараюсь не ударить в грязь лицом.

  • Maiorov Stepan

    Золото!  Замечательно сделано!

  • EntrevonPLUS

    Magnifique, remarquable travail , bravo !

  • Blast Model


  • Konstantin <SUNchazer> Malyovanko


  • Patricia Sancho

    I’m in love with everithing here. It seems to be floating. It will be commercial? I will LOVE to paint a version on 1/10 o 1/16 scale.

    Golf and editor’s, by the way.

    • Vladimir Sychev

      Thank you very much for the highest assessment of this work. I’m glad You like it. Yes, it will be commercial. The height of the figure with the stand is 91 mm. This is almost on a scale of 1/18. We didn’t plan to make the figure bigger yet. I’m sorry if I disappointed You.

  • Aleksander Kursov

    Wow thats realy nice i will be waiting this beauty for the painting!

  • Vladimir_Golubev


  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"


  • Javier Hueso "PacoJavi"