Aboard the Primogenitor
Here is a project I did for the invitational hosted by the guys from the Iron Sleet blog. I wanted to create a very grim dark feel to the model and decided to but it on a very tall plinth showing my vision on the space hulk setting. I painted with acryllics and weathered with oils. It learned a lot and building that base was probably the most fun I've ever had modelling. Here follows a short story I wrote to help set the mood of the piece.

+++ Alone in the dark depths of the Primogenitor...

The mission was as clear as it was impossible. Find and retrieve the holy STC that, according to the whispers of the great Omnissiah, was buried in the most ancient section of the Primogenitor. That grotesquely huge space hulk, it darkened the heavens, consumed everything in its path, a solar eclipse of it's own. From the forges of Mars to burning battlefields with towering Titans to the inner sanctums of the Cult Mechanicus, nothing he had ever seen could prepare him for this.

There was 19 of them when they boarded it, who knows how long ago. Days? Weeks? Hours? It didn't matter now. The mission had failed. One after one they had all met their fate. Some missing, some dead, some driven mad by the horrors they had encountered. Now he was all alone. But still never alone. He was electric, extatic even, to know that he would die in the arms of his God, the Omnissiah.

Alone in the dark depths of the Primogenitor he wanders on... +++
  • John Regan

    Love the Blanchitsu style and the OSL is really nice. Epic base made me smile too. Keep up the sterling work. Keep it grim dark!

    • Joel Arklind Kelmeling

      Thank you John! I’m glad you appreciate the base, it was pure fun building that with stuff I had laying around and it’s something I must do again sometime. I’m not a fan of the OSL myself and feel that is an area I have a lot to learn before I feel satisfied :)

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"