Having stolen Wonder Woman's Sword of Athena and Parasites powers, the Joker is adorned in green, blue red Kryptonite and ready for battle in the gladiatorial hell pits of Apokolips. Under the watchful gaze of the Court of Owls, he has prepared for final combat with Batman and the pesky Justice League all for Darkseid's entertainment. Surely nothing can defeat the clown prince now?

This was a hell of a lot of fun. He was one of the first busts I bought but has sat in my pile of grey shame for a few years moving 3 countries. There's so much character sculpted by Romain van den Bogaert. Ben Komets painted a wonderful version as box art for Black Sun Miniatures that I was lucky enough to see at Monte San Savino 2017 but I didn't know how to tackle him. He's called the Wanderer but to me, he looks like a carnival clown or an oddity. Then I started thinking about the story. Voila, the Wanderer is now the Joker. I wanted a sense of chaos about him so in some areas the brush strokes are smooth and in others, they are not. I did not want to paint a traditionally white Joker. I wanted really pale skin like a permanence to the paint but alive in others. This ended up being about 10 different light sources both directional and OSL.