Taïpahn queen, raging heroes
rmk : not the avatar which is bigger
base made with a green stuff world roller and super sculpey
  • Denis Izotov

    great color scheme and cool base

  • John Cordiano

    That base is really cool and I dig the nmm on the weapons.

    • sk_drille

      thanks John, I’ve uploaded another picture to see the back

    • sk_drille

      sorry, new picture can’t upload (?)

    • sk_drille

      new picture uploaded :)

  • Mariano del Olmo

    Very well painted. I like the golden metallics, on particular, and the colour palette and contrasts. Best, Mariano

    • sk_drille

      thank you for your comment Mariano, golden NMM is not always easy. I used green stuff world paint set

  • Nizuoc_Painting_Minis

    Ça claque :-)