I don't paint GW figs very often but I really enjoyed working on this guy. When I did play, Dark Angels were my jam so this hit that nostalgic string (main motivation for that classic, GW stylized graphic on his cape). Sculpted the base from scratch...first time, more or less happy with how it came out. In the fluff they have a knightly background but it always gets overshadowed by this "great shame" they have so the colors and iconography get darkened out, colors become drab etc. I aimed for a slightly better middle ground, trying to push the knightly part a little more. Could all be background noise, hopefully it shows a little.

C&C always welcome and desired :) anything to improve.
  • John Cordiano

    Super clean! Well done!

  • Denis Izotov

    great spacemarine. atmospheric work, full of little details - OSL from candles, great sword NMM, freehand and very cool green colors

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    Beautiful Dark Angel! Always a big fan of dark angels. Lovely base and setup!

  • Javier "jav0" González

    Love all those green reflections, amazing stuff. Gold!

    • Steve Garcia

      Thanks! Those are definitely fun to add :)

  • Alessandro

    Great work!

  • Bran

    Steve, your Dark Angel is fabulous, I just love it !!

    • Steve Garcia

      Thanks bran. I enjoy many of your works

  • Perfect Tommy

    I saw this on Instagram, and all I can say is that this is absolutely wonderful! Excellent job on all fronts sir!

  • "SCV Park" Yeong Min

    Very Nice~! Gold~!

  • Paul "Duxxie" Duckers

    Superb! great colours and detail. Worthy of a GOLD.

  • Poliakov_Andrii

    Gold !!!

  • John Delamere

    Everything about this screams Gold!

  • Max Faleij


  • dhdiez

    Great mini! Love the freehand

    • Steve Garcia

      Thanks! Glad you like him! Check out my other projects, maybe you’ll like them as well. Cheers!