A few days ago there was a little accident in the swamp: while Rose was on a relaxed trip with her flying crystal ball, a major dragonfly came out of the reed suddenly. There was no chance to get out of it's way and so the inevitable happened...
That crash smashed Rose's flying object seriously, but for that dragonfly was no hope left... :)
  • Peter "Baphomet" TothPLUS

    ^^ very crazy idea… to be honest I still don´t understand what is happening here - even after I looked at it three times…. but somehow it´s interesting :P

    • Nicole Eppinger-Siepmann

      Thanks Peter! Well, where should I start… I’ve tried to show that moment after the accident between Rose’s flying object - which is severly damaged - and that poor dragonfly, which burst into pieces. The remnants (severed head, parts of the body, wings and it’s interior - the slime) are lying around in this scene.
      It was just a fun piece, as I’ve found that dead dragonfly on a countryside walk and knew from that moment that I had to build a little scene with that.
      Just let us talk about it in Eindhoven, when you have a closer look at it. ;)

  • Oliver Posvek (Colouristo)

    Great Idea!