Nice, not so little, Alien Thug bust by Paul Braddock.
STL file printed by me on the trusty little Elegoo Mars.

He looked like a Chameleon... My brain decided that Chameleon creatures would have terrible taste in clothing. Hence the shiny orange puffer jacket.

He was also an exercise in not being so damn pedantic. Lot of brushstrokes and rougher (but characterful) areas left at a sketchy stage. Also the blue and green areas of the face were started from me just going with the flow and tearing up a kitchen sponge and dabbing paint on to set the mottled areas.

Also I am trying to get away from my mostly cool colour schemes and explore some warmth this year. So welcome Year Orange.

Oh and no black in bust, other than the non-figure boarder bits. Orange is shaded with Purple (which given enough pigment looks black anyway). It makes the shadows more interesting.