Ducks of the World
Ducks of the World
Ducks of the World
This was a real labour of love. It was also my largest and most successful project, and I doubt anything I do in the future will get the same reception.

The idea was sort of two-fold: firstly, to create a 'whole display' for competitions rather than a collection of individual models. The winner of Best Historical at Duke of Bavaria in 2017 (I think) did something similar with crusaders, and I loved it.

Secondly, I wanted to get as far as possible away from military themes. My wife also adores ducks, so it was pretty much done with her in mind at all times.

All ducks are based on the 54mm duck set from Industria Mechanika, some obviously with more significant amounts of conversion.

In the end, it won:

Gold and best of miscellaneous at Sword and Lance 2019

Gold miscellaneous and Best of Show at Salute 2019

Gold and nominated for Best of Show at Euro Miniature Expo 2019

Bronze in Master's Historical and Ruby Sphere Prize at SMC 2019

It's by no means the best painting in the world, and none of the conversion work is particularly outstanding, but people seemed to really like it and got what I was trying to achieve, and that was really the most gratifying part of the whole process.

Thanks for looking!