• Archigrog


  • Magnus FagerbergPLUS


  • Denis Izotov

    very interesting concept. great piece

    • Denis Izotov

      and the metal is brilliantly painted

  • EntrevonPLUS

    Splendide travail !

  • Ivan Hortal A.PLUS

    love the idea

  • Francois "Frado" Daugny

    Excellent!! the painting is great, but the set up is top original and very well executed too!! an outstanding and unusual piece!!

  • Poliakov_Andrii

    Gold !!!

  • Will “Sik Willy” Hahn

    I love everything about this, true art. I saw a video of you opening it on another platform- absolute genius concept

  • Kyle Maitland

    Most excellent.  Brilliant idea.

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    This is really a beautiful setup!

  • MaremagnumPLUS

    Amazing. Gold!!

  • Benjamin "metal_af" Kantor

    Thanks guys… I like that everyone recognizes this as a concept/idea and not necessarily the best possible version of what it could be. I hope that this sparks someone to do an even more clever version of this type of base/plinth.

  • Alex ✍

    Great job ❤️

  • Mariano del Olmo

    Eye catching NMM. Great job!

  • John Delamere

    This IS Metal AF!