Official paint work for Bigchild Creatives proyect...

Echoes of Camelot: Arthurian Leyends

Concept by: Pedro Nuñez
Sculpted by: Alejandro Muñoz

  • girlpainter57

    brilliant hues

  • Bran

    Very original, The greens are sublimes

  • Archigrog

    A green great paint!

  • Patricia Sancho

    La mejor del KS. La única pega que le veo… Es que son las fotos del KS. Hecho de menos fotos más grandes y ampliables. Me gustaría perderme en sus detalles. Good y editor’s

  • Gianluca "Branzu" Buttigliero


  • Mikiseven

    Great interpretation, subtle and powerful at the same time. I love it!

  • Miguel

    Thank you very much to everybody!!! I love you…

  • Cristiano

    very nice colours. Gold I like it very much

  • Mariano del Olmo

    Impressive work, green and colours! Gold.