Hildr patrolled the edges of Asgard. Her name had been given to her by the Fates and it meant battle. How many wars had she fought in? Hundreds? How many sisters had she lost? All for the glory of Asgard. At the edge of Asgard a winter storm approached. She flew in to investigate. As the snow and ice cleared she saw hundreds, no thousands of Frost giants armed for battle. She turned to flee but was snatched from the air by one of these brutes. She grabbed her horn and made one last call to signal her sisters. Ragnorak was coming.

This is a converted Adriel from Beyond miniatures. Probably one of the most extensive figure conversions I’ve dobe to date. To be honest, it’s far from perfect but we learn from our failures more than our successes. Hopefully my poor photography won’t hinder her too much but I haven’t posted in awhile and I want to show all that I’ve been up too. Thanks for looking.