Hey everyone, this is a "quicker" project I did recently but I think it turned out well for the time spent. I almost didn't upload this but after some encouragement from wonderful friends in the community I decided to share.

This is the Dark Elf bust by Pedro Fernandez Works. It's such an elegant piece, but every time I looked at him all I could see was a Vampire, so I turned him into one. I really enjoyed experimenting with this one, and while I definitely think it is still well within my painting style I tried some new things. The original sculpt has a very "young" feel to the face, and attempting to slightly age him, contour his face to make him look more gaunt, and making him look "undead" with just paint was an interesting experience that I enjoyed learning from. The goal was also to create a very sinister, dark, and moody vibe while preserving the beauty and elegance of the original sculpt. Like a vampire that has recently fed, ready to be restored to a youthful visage. I wanted to create a nice contrast by juxtaposing the long, flowing, beautiful hair and clean armor against his more jaded and evil looking face. The goal was also to include bold pops of color, but subtle nuances in other areas, like the red on his jacket vs the subtle green and purple tones in the hair and armor- all without taking too much away from his face.

Thoughts are always appreciated, I hope you enjoy him!