Figures are 230mm from Bonaparte's. All the figures were painted with a base coat of Tamiya and detaied in oils. This is a series of five, 9th Hussar carrying a drummer boy on his back, Polish Lancer carrying his sadle and horsecloth, Infantryman walking with a wooden crutch, French Cuirassier with sheep skin and Grenedier Horseman with his horsecloth wrapped around his neck.
The mud is real from my garden. It was mixed with PVA and water and spread over the 20"x15" base. Cannon tracks were pressed into the mud with the metal top off a jam jar. The snow and ice are from De-Lux scenic. A wooden stencil was made of a boot sole and pressed into the snow while it was still wet. I also carved a horses hoof with it's shoe fitted and repeated the same process.
To the left side of the diorama is a small tree stump with a sword hanging from it and all the strap buckles were made by hand with wire. Leaning against the stump is a musket which I carved from an old piece of wood from my scrap box. Also is a half cannon wheel which I drew and printed on my 3D printer. Near that is a disgarded drum with a large dent in it. The drum shell and hoops were 3D printed and then I skinned and threaded all tension ropes.