Hey Guys,

This is my latest work, a 75mm sculpt by the amazing Joaquin Palacios, what a complex figure !
It's a Black Sun Miniatures release.
My skin tones are Abteilung 502 oils over acrylics (Tamiya Flat Flesh), and for the rest I used a mix of Mission Models paints, Scale Color Artist's Acrylics and bits of Vallejo (metal color for all metallics) and Polly S, Liquitex, Gunze, Andrea and AK Interactive.
Weathering is basic brush and sponge chipping with filters, and mostly 70% of the weathering is made by using VMS Pigments and their amazing Enamel Binder, manipulated with odourless thinner after.
I can now replace all oil and enamel products for techniques such as Streaks, Rust, Panel Fading, Precision pin-point wash and some others with just pigments and the binder, as shown here.

I did a few minor mods on this figure, mainly the robot arm red hose was added (it has real webbing) and a small piggy pink bear on the weapon, because we must have something to up the level of fluffiness of this guy.

Let me know your thoughts, It took me some 220 hours of painting, close to 45 days.

For those who want to follow my work, I have an Facebook page for my works and also Instagram :


  • Mariano del Olmo

    Nice skin tone!

    • Julian Conde

      Thank you, but somehow all my uploads here are degraded in quality and color rendering is off to warmer tint. Its not that orange in the correct photo rendition. Its a shame a figure site with such important art aspect degrades our uploads…