Cease your late fillings, John
Or come forth will the Neverborn

As sweetened blood keeps you awake
Your eyes are the Sandman’s to take

Drawn towards your screams of shrill
Looms over Teddy to eat its fill

Whilst the Boogieman bags your bone
Stand Blagdaross weeping alone

The theme of my second diorama here is a Grimm bros-esque fairytale where it's morbid and does not end happily. I created multiple light sources on this one to create a more dramatic effect and trying to give warm and cold contrast at different perspectives. The red under light on teddy was to highlight the terrifying presence while the pale blue denotes the cold, distant moonlight. On another perspective, there's the warm tone from Stitched's lantern contrasting the mysterious purple shade of the Neverborn. I could've filled out more spaces, but I was feeling lazy to sculpt more toys. The blood effect was using UHU glue glazed with BFTBG. Overall I'm quite happy with this project.