recently had to paint a couple of minis from the kingdom Death range that come together. They are thought to be back to back, so I supposed they were covering each other.

I thought I could build a story around them So I Imagin a forest in the evening, starting to get dark and some wolves around the camp. Also, I never worked with backgrounds in minis, something that is becoming more common each day, and even more, better and better.

I want to try, but I also thought I could go farther and play with perspective to increase the surrounded sensation. Also, I thought I can do some kind of transition from the style of the mini to a "cell shade" style in the background. I was inspired by the "auto-build" books of kids too, so I thought I can do several different backgrounds or elements of the background in different planes and place them at different distances.

Obviously, it was my first time so I had some mistakes to learn from, but overall, I think this scene is amazing!