Declaration to the art of painting miniatures.
Finishing this figure at “this level” has been a challenge and a great satisfaction. For a little over a year since I started painting miniatures to play, the circumstances led me to discover: 1 the world of miniature games and 2, the hobby of painting miniatures. After more than 15 years as a graphic designer / art director my head was about to explode, but above all my creative heart was exhausted. Little by little I have been getting to know this world that never ceases to amaze me and I think it will never cease to amaze me, it is impressive!
I can only give my most sincere congratulations and thanks to all the great ARTISTS who dedicate themselves, work, enjoy and share this “hobby”, their work is incredible. I have been part of their Patreons, I am subscribed to their YouTube channels, each one has left me an apprenticeship, each one has inspired me and continues to inspire me every time I see their work. This is for all of you, THANK YOU!
Last but not least, thanks to my precious companion, friend, love, wife for enduring all my whims, only you make me want to be better in everything, for you, for our little ones.