Flower Knight
Flower Knight
As Twilight falls in the Twisted Wood, the foliage awakens at his touch, the butterflies glow. Know not whether he works for good or ill but the butterflies he will always know.

This is a piece from Kingdom Death which has a very twisted and horror based game setting. When I saw this figure I didn't know whether he was a good guy or bad guy. The imagery usually associated with good guys is present in flowers and leaves but he has a rather mysterious quality to him as there are no faces. This is one of the few Kingdom Death minis with no face sculpted anywhere. Usually there's at least one cherubic face even if its a part of the armor. This one, nothing! I wanted to convey this feeling when painting him.

This was a huge experimental piece. It was a lot of firsts! It was my first time with the day glow pigments from Forged Monkey. It was a first time doing such extensive freehand as taught by Marike (who I happen to be lucky enough to paint with on weekends) and it was a first using color shifting pigment for the armor that shifts from Magenta to Gold in the light.

It was my entry for GenCon 2013 Competition Single Figure and it took 4th place. The judges didn't like most of my experiments it seems. Let me know what you think!
  • Peter "Baphomet" TothPLUS

    Woah ^^ color attack!!! like it a lot :)

  • Scott Hockley

    Love the freehand to the drapery, Meg. The copper kettle feel of the metal is nice, but maybe doesn’t show off the individual filigree details as well as it might (I’ve just about completed the same model, so I know well just how much there is! lol). The bright little butterflies are great though, and the scene tells a great little tale. ^_^

  • Meg Maples

    It’s rewarding to see the rating you guys have given this mini. Most everyone has voted with Silver or Gold and that does a lot to bolster my hopes that I am starting to evolve my painting style a bit more.

    It was disheartening that it didn’t so well in a stateside competition but I had a feeling it was too “European” in some of the style to really appeal to the American Painting community which tends to lean more towards the cutesy and cartoony style of painting.

    I find a lot of the European painters inspirational and hope that I can some day be consider equals with those who I admire.

  • Archontis Kitsios

    Color attack indeed!

    • Meg Maples

      Is that good or bad? LOL! I can’t quite tell by y’all’s reactions. I use a lot of color in my painting but this is one where I wanted lots of interesting colors to keep the eye moving over it. Is it too much? Or on the brink of too much?

  • Ben Baird

    Meg you did an awesome job on your Flower Knight. The metals are very one of a kind, don’t think I’ve ever seen such a nice coppery TMM. Amazingly good. Could you expand on what you mean by color shifting paints? Anyway, feel good about this one, M2. I’ll be putting my version in the gallery soon.

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"