'Gaia 23' ... is the name of the planet they encountered just recently as it was totally green all over. While discovering abandoned settlements they so far did not get in contact with life forms. This is the first reported encounter on Gaia 23 ...

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DISCLAIMER: I was thinking for a long time if I should show them. Please know: As a judge of the challenge I am not taking part in the competition. Furthermore I do not want to discourage anyone working on his entries or steal any ideas. When you are working on yours and my ideas are similar to yours, please do not worry and continue with joy. This will not influance my judging work together with @josualai.miniatures . I show them to promote the challenge and the beauty of its creative powers even more!

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  • Jakob VPLUS

    One of my favourite!

  • Michael Volquarts

    roman wieviele hast du noch .........

  • Kyle Maitland

    One of my favorites of your series, even though it is green.  Trust me, that’s a huge hurdle to overcome.

  • John Delamere


  • Martin Vermeulen (Nighthawk)

    Beautiful work! But actually I’m mostly surprised with how you become inspired for so many different scenes!!! Just magnificent!

  • Lukas "Grummelgobbo" Lutz

    Wow! Sehr tolle Idee und perfekte Umsetzung! Die Szene ist einfach stimmig. Ich bin beeindruckt von deinen vielen verschiedenen, kreativen Versionen dieser Miniatur. Obwohl es sich immer um die gleiche Miniatur handelt, ist sie so vielfältig und jede deiner Versionen erzählt ihre eigene Geschichte!
    Bisher will mir hingegen für Euren Contest einfach noch keine gute Idee einfallen.. :D