Hi guys,

Here is an excerpt from a book: "Custer moved his battalion north. The steep bluffs along the Little Big Horn concealed his movement from the valley. Lt. Cooke, Custer's adjutant, caught up to him with a message from Fred Girard that the Indians were not fleeing, but riding out to fight Reno. Custer, Cooke, and a small escort rode to the bluffs near Wier Point. It was here that Custer got his first full view of the enormous camp and the mass of Indians in it."

After seeing the size of the Indian encampment, at 1520 hours, Custer sent this message: "Benteen come on. Big village. Be quick. Bring packs. P.S. Bring packs." This was the last message sent by Custer. The rest is history.

This is the moment I tried to convey with this vignette, when Custer looks down from the bluffs into the valley and first sees the magnitude of the Indian encampment. This was a rewarding project, and I enjoyed learning more about Custer and the Little Big Horn battle. The figures are 54mm from Andrea, painted with acrylics. Thanks for looking!