Hello, World! I guess? :D

I wanted to share with you my second ever painted bust, Gerd from ZabaArt.

Meet Gerd. He is a little bit more on a fancy-pants side, which is quite unique among his practical and down-to-earth (hehehe, literally and figuratively speaking :p) kin. Cow hide cloaks and regular steel helmets are not for him, oh no no no. He likes his stuff posh. Shiny. Exotic. Rare. Previously unseen. Eye-grabbing.

When he saw some visiting merchants (maybe his distant cousins, Freetraders of Kobberland, who knows?) and eyed their wares, he knew that he is going to spend quite a few coins right there. Fancy cloak made from some exotic animal called zehvra (or was it zebra...)? Looks uncommon enough! Shiny and strangely reflective brooch of some ancient and forgotten dwarven deity? Treat yo self! Helmet made from pure dimeritium, forged in dragon's fire and hardened in moonwell water, strangely covered in elusive and everchanging aura? Snap buy!

I hope you like him! This project was quite a journey for me, I've been painting it for a long time. I wanted to focus on a stark contrast between blue helmet and orange beard. Hopefully it looks coherent enough and not too overly gaudy.

I wanted to thank all my wonderful teachers and mentors: Natalia '_rzaba_' Oracz, Katarzyna 'KAHA' Górska and Krzysztof Kobalczyk. I couldn't do it without your feedback and guidance, I've learnt a lot! KUDOS! :D