... The first time I saw Estrella she was in company with an other. She wore a beautiful dress in purple and blue with some gold. Her hair was colored purple too. She looked amazing. But I lost her out of sight.
The next time her hair was silver and her dress a shiny light pink one. She was breathtaking. But like the first time there was no opportunity to speak with her.
Some time later I got my chance. But I was too shy to speak with her. That was something that never happened before. I couldn't find any words. But Estrella as beautiful person she was, she started a conversation and made an easy time. After some moments i felt quite relaxed and enjoyed the situation. This time her hair was golden like the sequins on her dress....

Sorry for the broken English.
This is how it felt to paint Estrella. After priming her I was to afraid to put any colour on this beautiful bust. But after the beginning it was easy and cool to paint all the volumes and details. The dress was such a fun. So many dots to paint. I'm really proud with the result.

I recommend you to check Estrella painted by
Natalia Oracz: https://www.puttyandpaint.com/projects/22859
And Krzysztof Kobalczyk:
These are beautiful bust and helped me a lot with the volumes.