This vignette is dedicated to my deceased friend Roy Sevilla Ho---the person who opened up my imagination.

I wanted to model a light mech with relatively heavy weaponry. Bandai's HG 1/144 Reginlaze of the Iron Blooded Orphans series seems to fit the profile. It's also one of the cheapest Bandai kits out there.

To emphasize the de-cloaking effect, I painted half of the mech with the real colors of the unit. In this case, I chose red, dark gray, and light gray. The other half is a sandy color that reflects the desert base. I wanted the base to be part of the vignette's story, and not just something that is used for the model to stand on.

I decided not to weather the armor too much. Being a stealth unit, I figured out that the armor undergoes a high level of maintenance to avoid compromising the unit's photo-receptive paint and cloaking ability.

The chain laser gunmount is one of the kit's backpack units, turned upside down. The shoulder cannon is actually the Reginlaze's rifle.

I am not really a fan of mechs with hands (or fantastic Gundam designs for that matter). So I decided not to include the hands in this model. I wanted to put a pair of humongous cannons in place of the hands to make the model look more aggressive.The cannons are made from the kit's "pikes," the Reginlaze's melee weapon. I simply cut off the tips to make the pikes into barrel cannons. I modified the pikes' handles to add them as details to the particle projector cannons
  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"


  • Pierre Balmette

    Not my universe but I really like the effect of de-cloaking, I find it very convincing and makes the piece look original. Great work, gold! Your friend must be proud.

    • GianCarloJubela

      Thank you, mate! This is my first time to detail and paint a Gundam as well as an experiment. Although I’m not a fan of Gundam, but I do like other mechs. :) Again, thank you!