"The Second-to-last Light"
He watched in sadness at his smashed robot helper and the red scientific gear that laid scattered around. Just as the strange critters were about to be upon him, he hit the teleport command on his tablet and beamed back to the safety of his space ship."

This is an homage to a great artist and his passion, which continues to encourage new people to open their minds to what they can do in the miniature painting hobby. As part of the Massive Voodoo painting challenge 2020, I wanted to honor Roman Lappat by combining the astronaut miniature he loves so much and his massively impactful diorama which won the Games Day slayer sword.

I tried to follow the original's composition and colors as much as possible, but had to define the miniatures a bit more in the paint job here, as the models I was working with were extremely undefined in themselves. The total height of the diorama is 90mm.