here you can see my fish collection that I have painted for my own company. I know it's not the typcial kind of models you see here, but I still wanted to show it because I'm happy how the paintings turned out and probably it's also a litte advertisment for our brand.

We wanted to create a set of different fishs that you can use for water bases and dioramas. I always like to add animals as small details to the scene. We will try to create some more animal sets in the future. Sculpt by Mario Molero and painting by me.

If someone is interested and want to support us. The sets with 20 pieces are available here as 3D file and printed in 32 or 75mm scale.


Thanks for feedback, votes or comments!

Best regards Oliver
  • Jakob VPLUS

    Crazy detailing!

  • Josh_Underhill

    Beautiful painting and very cool project… Also, exactly what I was looking for a few months back for a very specific diorama..Will definitely look to getting some of these.. The very few fish models I found that were suitable for dioramas were nowhere near as diverse (sometimes just 6 or so of the exact same fish model)

  • akitaka-misenai


  • jparkdr