I started this project on the evening of 22 nd of November, leaving me one day to build and complete the diorama for it to be submitted in time for the Massive voodoo challenge of 2020. Was very fun and a bit stressful. Did not have time to put much effort into the painting since most time was spent on building and converting but the story is there.
Patient number 256
The astronaut wakes up after the operation and the doctors give him the following information:
- We had to amputate your legs.
- The bone structure was too weak and we didn't have any other option. This is sadly a common problem in your genes and nothing we can do anything about.

A Lot of people have had problems and frustration with the legs on this figure, I thank you all for complaining and giving me the inspiration to build this small diorama. I myself didn't have any problems with the legs so I had to break them off the figure, the irony :)
Serious part:
The most common reason for leg amputation is Diabetes. If you have diabetes take care of yourself and follow instructions to handle your sickness and you might avoid to have to amputate.

Hop you all enjoy it.

/John Engstrand