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Musashibō Benkei(武蔵坊弁慶) is a loyal rōtō(郎党) of the tragic hero Minamoto no Yoshitsune(源 義経) in the late Heian period. Benkei's name can be found in "Azuma Kagami" (吾妻鏡)an official history book compiled by kamakura bakufu(鎌倉幕府) around 1300 (more than 100 years after Yoshitsune's death). But that's just the name, it doesn't describe his detailed biography. When and where was he born? Did he Why supposed to follow the Yoshitsune? When did he die? Nothing is written.
Benkei's biography and famous episodes can be found in "Gikeiki"(義経記), a reading material believed to have been established during the Nanbokuchō era (1336 to 1392), but it is speculated that they are all creations and not facts. Some modern historians think this way. "Benkei is not a real person. He is a fictional character created as a symbol of the monks of hieizan(比叡山) and kōfukuji (興福寺)who concealed and supported the wanted man Yoshitsune. ”
However, very few Japanese know one opinion of such historical research. Most Japanese believe that he is a real person. Benkei is such a hero that has been beloved by the Japanese people for a long time and has become so ingrained in our hearts.

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