Hello friends.
We are very happy to show you our new release.

Medival Blacksmith
1/10 scale
Resin figure
Painted & supervised by Ki-yeol Yoon
Sculpted by Greeny Ahn

And here is short writing to inspiration.

A middle age smithy. Murky and dusky. Wheezing bellows and silence of charcoal in a burning brazier. A solid anvil and an old blacksmith.

The blacksmith put iron into the brazier with sooty tongs. Flame of charcoal. Blowing bellows makes the flame rising. Black iron glows dim as the setting sun. But soon it turns to bright yellow, and finally it shines brilliantly than the gold does. It is the time.

He just hit the glowing iron. Sparks flared. A thousand, or thousands of it in a day. Folding, drawing, forging the iron and forging it again. Hundreds of them in a year. Just a hit only makes a noise. Despite that, he has smitten iron softly for dozens of years, and this continued forging has imprinted patience in numberless pieces of the iron. In this routine but solemn work, we can find what resolute means. Therefore, with a million, perhaps with millions of forging, he has imprinted the passage of time for himself.

Stiff gloves that shared the beginning of his history had gone, and he does not know when he wore this worn and creased gloves for first time. But his wrinkles that a red-hot iron lights proves his history. And again, he put cooled iron into the brazier.
(written by Greeny Ahn & YKH)