Early February 2020 (very close to my 50th birthday) I walked into Warhammer store in Helsinki w’ my kids to have some activity to do on a Sunday.
Plan was to intro my old hobby 25years ago to my 9y old daughter.

What comes to Stormcast, initially I didn’t really care for them.
I liked the superb ghost models and thought if I’m getting into a fantasy miniature tabletop wargame, I better pick something bit more “fantastical” than human paladins but they just somehow won me over.

My high point was the Lord Arcanum from the Soul Wars box.

There’s been a steep learning curve I’ve overcome in this model. For someone returning to modern hobby delights of the 21st century, there’s just a ton to learn and experiment with.

Sculpting w’ green stuff (the somewhat nonexistent underside of the Gryph charger), creating the temple ruin themed scenic base w’ a thermoplastic mould recast statue shard and textured cobble stone floor. Basing materials etc. were all totally new territory to me.

I had several ideas what I wanted and tried to paint all of them to the highest standard I can. 

I had the idea of doing the star field on the cape (good ol’ toothbrush), but was too afraid to do it before.
When everything else was done I thpugh I’m going to regret if I’m not doing it. You never know what might end up being your last mini or your best work.

I was tired and lazy, so I ended fixing and hiding tens of tiny white species all over the model for few more hours...l
  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"


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      Really appreciate the comment from an artist w’ tales manyfold of my own!

  • Marius "Der Stone "Stein

    I like the base!

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      Thank your your comment! Means a lot from someone w’ your level of talent!

  • Alfonso Ciattini

    Great job!

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      Grateful and humbled by encouraging feedback from an artist of your caliber!