Finally I can show the version of ‘Maia’ I did for Nordlys Miniatures. Thorbjørn Barone did an awesome job sculpting this, and I am happy to have created ‘BizArt’ for Nordlys.

Thank you wonderful Kaha for giving insight into your swirly madness beauty. Thank you guidance. This is an homage to you.

‘Et hul i mit hjerte’

Lighting Chakras will sometimes ignite, enrich and empower you. Help you find peace. Ground you.
But unlocking inner secrets can bring a wave of emotion. Sometimes you hide things deep inside, and in this case her heart bears a lot of sadness.

We at Nordlys Miniatures are quite proud of Maia. We hope to see many versions.

This was a gift for my friend Kyle Maitland! Kyle used to claim you could paint with saturated colours, and I kept insisting he was wrong. Turns out I was wrong. Keep rocking that crazy mind of yours!

Thanks to Kyle and Thorbjørn for pics.