This is the old set by Verlinden, in 1/16 scale, now sadly long out of production. Hard to get now, often at silly prices, but I've managed to find two more, one of which I'm converting somewhat.
Painted in Acrylics, us usual my go to Tamiya and Vallejo, and whatever else is to hand and useful.
The Denison smock represents a Mk1 version, with the knitted elasticated cuffs. It could be an early Mk2, which were produced with button and tab cuffs, but individual soldiers would often sow in stocking tops, because they kept out the wind beter. As such, I used Light Green for the base, rather than the more commonly shown Sand colour, which wasn't introduced until after Market Garden.
This one is completely out of the box, apart from the sling for the Sten, which was made using foil and wire.