This piece is a an homage to one of my favourite book series that I loved reading when I was younger.

I also painted this project on my Twitch channel!

If you want to check out a video of it, you can find it here:
  • Vitaly Lapshin


  • BranPLUS

    Great idea !!

  • Arturo Arellano

    Amazing. Gold of course.

  • Cristiano

  • SergeyPopovichenkoPLUS


  • Alessandro Natale

    Yeeesssss ! Come on man you know alteady how much I love your work, this is just another stunning one in a raw, love it!

  • WojciechBober72

    Przepiękna praca-platyna! Hy, nie ma to musi być Złoto!!!

  • Rhett “Saint Toad” Jenkins

    I want to go on an adventure now! Awesome awesome awesome.

  • Clive Jackson

    Great job! Gold!

  • Gianluca "Branzu" Buttigliero

    WHOA. This Is simple… WHOA. AMAZING.

  • eric wolfsPLUS

    Original composition. Gold

  • Paul Hermann

    Amazing! You really have done the Companions of the Hall justice! I’m blown away by this piece.

  • Atila Kawauti

    Excellent. Gold!

  • Max RichieroPLUS

    I love this saga. I have all the Drizzt books! Gold!

  • Jérôme "Jminis" Maillart

    Drizzt was so cool, like your work!
    Gold without any doubt!

  • Marc

    excellent !!!!