"The Pariah is the last male white speaker. He violated the vows of the white speaker cult by murdering countless white speakers, unravelling the quivering lobes of their brains, to piece together a forbidden story hidden in the cult's members.

Once learned, the story bestowed the Pariah with Cyclopean Empathy, a means of communication so deep and personal that it could speak to the core of a person with a single gesture. The Pariah's empathy is so complete that he can manipulate any wounded heart to obey his capricious whims.

The white speaker cult erased knowledge of the Pariah from all members save for the Red Witches who were tasked with hunting down the Pariah."

Finally finished The Pariah. Easily one of my favourite KDM sculpts. Fantastic model to work on. Base is made from stuff from the garden and a few resin bits from here and there!! Hope you like!