This Kairos Fateweaver was a commissioned project and an enjoyable return to painting Tzeentchi miniatures for me.
Knowing that the nature of Tzeentch is the evergoing change, I decided to capture this flavor by making the rich and overloaded with details. In my interpretation his out-of-this world and always changing character never stops to mutate and change, so you don't have a chance to focus on one part before another one starts to dominate and drags your attention. That's why there is no clear focal point, which unfortunately doesn't work as well on photos as in real life. Well, we have to live with the limitations of the media we have. :)

The custom base was digitally sculpted and printed by Chest of Colors, and if seen from above it is shaped in the symbol of Tzeentch. If I find a photo of the base from the top-view, I may add it later.