this is my latest painting project. Abaddon the Despoiler. Model is latest reincarnation of WH40k leader of traitor chaos legions. As he is champion of all 4 chaos gods I implemented their colors to model. Green hue of black armor is because Nurgle, red OSL is in favor of rage of Khorne, cloak and purple OSL is in colors and style of Slaanesh, blue tubing and sword is in colors of Tzeentch. Because there is lots of painted Abaddons over the internet I wanted mine to be different to others so I changed his posture by moving his point of mass more to the front and by rotation of his claw. It gives him more dynamic pose without any cutting and sculpting. The result of changes angles was the trophy rack was too high on my taste so I shortened it a little. Empty space on the top of his armor is filled by more trophies, because again the space was too empty and more visible now. It was long journey and I learned a lot. I hope you like the result. Cheers!