A personal 3d concept for the Day of the Dead that I decided to convert into a 3d print ready miniature in 2 different versions, a single mesh model to be printed in small sizes and a 25 parts assembly to be printed in large scale.
I printed the single mesh version with 2 different 3d printers.
The translucent version was printed at Shapeways, with a 3DSystems Projet 3500 HDmax 3d printer using MJP Crystal Detailed Resin(Visijet M3-X) (with wax supports) and the grey version with great help from Mr Dimitris Kampouridis (https://prototypebay.com/user/dimitriskampouridis | https://www.artstation.com/dkampou) with his Anycubic Photon 3dprinter using grey resin.
The 2 versions set of the miniature digital model is available on

Thanks for watching!