Sir Alf Skiddypants Von Bumsmear
Last Christmas I received a surprise present from the darkest depths of South Devon. Inside the wrapping was sturdy box sealed with a band declaring the contends to be "Chaotic Neutral". Within, carefully cushioned by layers of foam padding was the most delightful figure, accompanied by a card that announced it to be "Sir Alf Skiddypants Von Bumsmear, Collector of Confectionary, Devourer of Baked Goods, Connoisseur of Naps." Number 4 from a limited run of 4.

And for what was one the best and most unexpected Christmas presents I have to thank Chris Clayton. A general lack of motivation and wrist issues meant I had hardly done any painting on 2020 so in March I decided it would be a great choice to enter the Brush Beast miniature painting competition. By early May I realised I needed to start painting the figure before I ran out of time.

I opted for a relatively simple red, white and black colour scheme with true metallics; thought I would give the Vallejo metal range a try. And a search of the internet provided my with many an example of cat to choose from, settling on a Maine Coon as inspiration.

I never thought I'd have the joy of painting a leather baguette holder or researching the colouration of baguettes to get the light and dark tones correct around the cuts and the fur ended up more brown than grey but it has been a joy to paint and I hope you like it.