"Ich bin Wissenschaftler!"

Ohh wow, this one was a long journey. It was gift for the promotion of my brother who studied chemistry. It all started when he said, he want to live in a tower. So I built him one. :)
My brother is one of smartest person I know. He is also very creative and can produce the most intelligent and funniest wordplays. He isn't afraid of hard work and he is a great dad. He is so much more for me. I don't know anybody who is so loyal.
In this diorama I wanted to put every aspect of his personality.

The whole thing took three years from start to finish. Most things a scratch built except the bits I used. Every stone was hand crafted.
I didn't finished in time for his promotion. But I finished. I'm very happy about this fact.

I hope that you can see what kind of detail represent my brother.
If you like German rap music my brother made really good music. If you like this kind of music check his youtube channel


There a so much more I could say about it, but I'm better in painting then writing. :)

Thanks to all the people who helped me with advices who to built this. Especially the the rooftop.

Thank you for watching it. This means a lot for me. Stay safe!

Thanks for the inspiration: Roman Lappat, Christoph Blumenthal, and many more

"Are you my brother?" - Defari