The Bather

Today i share an interesting piece based on Jason Rainville's "The Bather". It was sculpted in collaboration with my wife. I sculpted the base, hair and equipment and she sculpted the body. I think it could be interesting to have more representation of different body types in our hobby. This sculpt depicts a female warrior after combat, takin a bath.

Hope you like the sculpt.

Kind regards TB
  • Josh_Underhill

    Another great sculpt!

  • Magnus FagerbergPLUS

    This is superb!!!

  • Rhiana, "Cyradis"

    I love that she is so clearly STRONG. She has the body of a weight lifter and warrior. Beautiful work again!

  • girlpainter57

    love the depiction of a bigger build framed woman far more interesting than a classic beauty as all ways the sculpting processes breathtaking skills

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"

    Magnificient. Gold!

  • Tobias_K_Aasvang


  • Jakob VPLUS

    Power lady! U go grl!

  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS


  • Matt DiPietro

    It’s really badass. Will it be available for purchase? Gold and Editor’s :)

  • Vladimir_Golubev

    Super! Gold!

  • Angel C Villalba "KaspareK"


  • Riccardo "RA" Agostini

    thank you for this

  • Andrew judson

    Wow Wow and Wow, i love this piece. I hope this is going to become an available piece to purchase.

  • Enric "Fenrik studio"

    Gold, and…. where can I buy this piece!!!!!??

  • eric wolfs

    Wow ! Gold

  • Bran

    Magnifique !!

  • Dexter0015

    Magnificent sculpt. GOLD

  • Steve Jourdain

    Yessssss, golddddd !!!!!!

  • Janna ‘Moo’

    Think it’s quite refreshing ( not just because she is bathing ;) )


  • Archigrog

    Truly Stunning!!!

  • gmoreno

    Love it!
    Would love to see it painted up.

  • Mike BlankPLUS

    Lovely nude study! Great sculpting! Gold of course!

  • Roberto Del Cima

    Absolutely amazing!

  • StephanPLUS

    well done, beautiful

  • Michael FischerPLUS

    Fantastic work from your wife and you.
    Class implemented.

  • Andrey Kostryuchin (Ross)

    monumental !!!

  • DrLiche

    Finally some non bimbo-style female body ! It is so nice - and relieving - to see some realistic body ! Very impressive !

  • Michele Delbene


  • Gabisflyingcolours

    This is a beautiful piece ❤️ I will paint her this week!