Hello, friends! Traditionally, I have not done publications for a long time, but this does not mean that I have not painted:) A lot of work has been done, just the other day I arranged a mass shooting of about a dozen figures. I will publish them slowly, with an interval of a week, so enjoy watching.
And I'll probably start with a recent job. A figurine of a young drummer of the Spanish third of the beginning of the XVII century from the guys from Avanpost Historical Miniatures. This young man has passed a difficult path of 2 years long! Exactly so much has passed from the moment of priming to the beginning of painting:) Yes, it also happens. However, as a result, I could not help but paint it, the magnificent sculpture of Maxim Voronin and excellent casting beckoned to get to work, which I did recently. By the way, the manufacturer recently celebrated its fourth anniversary, on which I cordially congratulate them, I wish them creative inspiration and success! Material - resin, size 75mm.