This is my scratchbuilt papercraft/mixed-media Stormblade tank.

As with my other scratchbuilt 40k models, I started from an Eli Patoroch paper template, and built the hull and main body from cereal box and chipboard. I then started adding details, by making masters for all the greeblies and guns, and casting them in resin.

The tank tracks are individually cast pieces from a papercraft master model, they are drilled and linked with wire and can move. The main gun is made from cereal card, the ribbing is sculpey. The tank commander is sculpted from greenstuff and milliput.

It is painted in the typical mix of acrylics and oils for weathering, plus chalk pigment for the gritty & dusty mud layer.

The tank is about 25cm long x 17cm wide x 10cm tall. It should be a similar size as the FW model.

All in all this took about 4 months of construction, and another month of painting. You can see the buildlog for this project here: