Hey guys :) Here's my interpretation for Dancing Girl by Golem Miniatures. I named this piece Astral Walker. It's a 120 mm version of the miniature - great sculpt, simple at 1st sight, but gave me a lot of space to play with my creativity and my favorite inspiration, night sky. When I started painting this piece I haven't a concrete idea formed in my mind, it was supposed to be mainly skin color study. I knew that I wanted to keep the back dark and that I wanted to do my signature violet shadows, so after some time the idea of adding a night sky there formed in my mind. Thanks to League of Extraordinary Painters it got cystalized and constellations were added.
Big thanks to everyone supporting my painting, with special dedication to Old Bert, the League, Paweł Kukiełczyński and Krzysztof Kobalczyk <3

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