So I wanted to share my most recently completed piece. This is the “The Dungeon Explorers”.

As the pandemic rages on and my eldest son became a senior in high school I started thinking back to my own high school days. I was a huge nerd (first off I’m sure no one is surprised and second yes I’m still a big nerd). I look back on those days with fond memories. This piece is a bit of a tribute to that.

In this scene our adventurers have come across quite the pile of loot and perhaps some items that will lead them to other adventures. Have our adventurers defeated the the big boss? Or is the fearsome boss still lurking in dungeon waiting to pounce?

Thank you Alfonso and miniature Art academy for all your help and guidance. This piece truly wouldn’t be what it is without your guidance. I’d also like to thank my fellow LXP members for their help and guidance.

Anyway. Tldr here is the “dungeon explorers”.
Minotaur by journeyman miniatures and sculpted by Joaquin. The Tiefling wizard is from Hera models. The dwarves from big child creatives and the elf sculpted by Raul Garcia Latorre for black crow. Hope you enjoy.