My interpretation of the Age of Sigmar Nighthaunt aesthetic. Inspired mainly by Paul Dainton’s Battletome illustration. I wanted a darker, grittier take on the Nighthaunt, while still retaining GW’s original colour scheme.

The idea was to create a mixture of textures on a creature that exists both as a physical being in the material world, and as an ethereal, ghostly apparition. Some bits of it are meant to show real rot of its corporeal form, while others represent ghostly emanations, with the border between the two sometimes being blurred. Is the splash of sickly green on a particular part of the figure meant to represent rotting flesh or maybe some sort of ectoplasmic, necromantic projection?

In my head, I imagined the creature to be a projection from a different reality than the physical plane of the mortals who were unfortunate to witness it. One with its own unseen, ethereal enviorment and light sources. Perhaps the rider and the steed were even partially in two different realities from each other. To that end, the light sources on the figure were intentionally made incompatible. The neon, necromantinc flames - not being true fire - dont cast any light on the surface of the steed (which instead has a slight purple’ish underlight in the shadows), while the rider is lit from below by his own mysterious source of sickly green.