Obi Wan Nairobi - Siege of Dusit D2 Hotel
Obi Wan Nairobi - Siege of Dusit D2 Hotel
200mm Figure of Chris Craighead (MBE CGC), 22 Special Air Service Regiment, British Army.
He had been stationed in Kenya to help train the nation’s soldiers and was off-duty when heavily armed jihadis from the al-Shabaab terror group seized the Dusit D2 luxury hotel complex, setting fire to vehicles, detonating explosions and embarking on a mass shooting.
Craighead not only led many of the survivors to safety, but he also ensured that all the terrorists were killed; his bravery that day led to him being awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross and an audience with the US president.

Painted in Scalecolor Artist acrylics. Groundwork from wall filler, textured with a roller from Green Stuff. Poster created in Microsoft word along with Armani and Blackbeard patch !

Finished piece has been praised by Chris himself.