These images are from a project I did around 2013 -- back when I was writing fairly often for "Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller". They were an English firm who put out a series of both "regular issues" and themed "special issues". This project appeared in volume three of their popular "Steampunk Modeller" series. If you click on the step-by-step links, you can go to where the entire "article" can be downloaded, for free: the publisher was kind enough to give me permission to share articles like this with other scale modelers and hobbyists. That "article" is quite lengthy and detailed: if I'm counting correctly, it's 24 pages long and includes 78 images.

What is seen in these few images is primarily close-ups on the assembled and painted vehicular kit. As the article describes, I also tried my hand at creating a tranquil, relaxed scene -- one with an untroubled gentleman pilot figure reading a book, near a body of water -- but simply building and painting the multi-media "Hornethopter" kit was always intended to be the article's main focus.

The very imaginative flying machine was designed by the very talented Michael "Fichtenfoo" Fichtenmayer, but I believe his multi-media kits are, sadly, no longer in production. As with many of his kits, this one was quite a "deluxe" multi-media offering. It consisted of resin parts, photo-etched brass parts, glass parts, translucent plastic parts, wire, etc. -- more than enough value for any reasonable kit buyer's money!