Ava and her little mate Watt are ready for combat!!
I like to explore ideas. I wanted to design something cyberpunk. This is the result!
  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"

    so good! great mix of real-world anatomy and anime-ish cliches
    and welcome, here is some gold!

    • Ioffk

      Thank you!! I’m glad you like it :)

  • Martin Procházka


    • Ioffk

      Thank you very much Martin!!

  • vincenzo gambinoPLUS

    gold :)

    • Ioffk

      Thank you very much Vincenzo. Hopefully! : D

  • Mateusz Banaszkiewicz

    Loving the exaggerated anatomy. I hope it will be a miniature someday, or at least an stl that we can buy. Gold!

    • Ioffk

      Thank you very much for your words Mateusz. In the future I want it to be a miniature!

  • John Delamere

    Very cool! Are you selling files?

    • Ioffk

      Hi John! Not for now, a future may be a miniature :)

  • Antonio

    gold!! It’s a comercial figure??

    • Ioffk

      Thank you, Antonio. For now it is not commercial. Maybe in the near future :)

  • Max RichieroPLUS

    I’m falling in love! GOLD

    • Ioffk

      Thank you very much Max !! Hopefully :D

  • Eric Alterini

    Excellent j aime le sujet et la mise en scène… Bravo

    • Ioffk

      Merci beaucoup Eric! :)

  • Guillaume "Skas" Masselot

    omg that’s stunning ! Where can I buy this gem ? :D

    • Ioffk

      Thank you very much for your words!! Hopefully someday!! :)