Private, 1st New York Regiment of Continental Line
  • John Davis

    Love the subtle tones

  • Sergey Cheremshantsev


  • Loskutov_Vadim

    Отлично, Станислав! Подумалось - они бы в паре с моим последним ирокезом великолепно смотрелись. Золото

  • Luca Oldani

    Gold !

  • Vitaly Lapshin


  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"


  • Roman LappatPLUS

    Hi! Really nice historical scene and setup. I voted bronze as I really like the basing work and the setup of the model. The paintjob looks good too, but is hard to really read due several photo reasons: a) your light for photos is strong yellow, this turns all painted elements yellowish and I can not tell what I see and vote b) with such a large model you can allow yourself to show closeups in some photos.

    I hope you do not see my honest voting and feedback as an offense. All the best and keep on happy painting!

    Bronze is nothing bad! Silver is nothing bad! Gold is overrated on this site!

    - Roman

  • Peter"Peterpaint"Trenner

    very nice!!

  • Luis UgartePLUS

    Great job! Gold!

  • Marc MussatPLUS

    lovely painting !

  • fabrizio1969PLUS


  • Stanislav_Musevich

    Thanks to everyone for the comments!